Hey, I am Aakash Sanghvi.

I am a highly empathetic and passionate individual. I live with a vision of leaving the world a better place than I found it!

Aakash Sanghvi UX Designer

A bit about me

A marketer turned UX Designer, I am often described by my friends and colleagues as a passionate and ambitious individual. I have 10+ years of experience in various fields in the marketing and business development roles. This experience has shaped my personality into a keen observer, a diligent manager, confident storyteller. My recent education in the field of business and design, and the last five years at work are responsible for driving me toward everything UX and Product.

When I am not daydreaming ideas, I am either practicing yoga, reading a self-help book or cooking! I am an optimist, a trained yoga instructor and a meditation practitioner. I am like the flowing river and like to take it one day at a time, living each moment to the fullest.

How my journey impacted my career

Almost a decade ago, in 2011, I designed a working application for the raw cotton industry merchants in India. Back then, I believed I was developing software and creating tools. Little did I know that what I was actually doing was empowering merchants to access a more user friendly method to maintain records. Here's a glimpse!

Visual design work of UX Designer Aakash Sanghvi from 2011